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Monticello Minnesota

Discover Monticello, Minnesota.

Trumpeter Swans Monticello, MN

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The City of Monticello is a progressive and forward thinking city with a population of 12,759 ( 2010 census). Monticello, MN enjoys more than 16 miles of paved pathways for walking, jogging and bicycles, more than 29 city parks inside the city limits with land acquisition towards a regional park at Bertram Chain of Lakes that includes more than 1200 acres and 4 lakes. With a location along the picturesque Mississippi River, you will see these are just a few of the reasons Monticello becomes an attractive place to become a part of. Discover Monticello, Minnesota.

Monticello MN Swans
(Swan photo by Adam Grim. 2011 Best of Show at Monticello, MN Photo Show)

The City of Monticello has annual community activities year round including summer events such as Riverfest, the Monticello Lions Beer Festival, Free movies in the parks, Riverside Art In the Park craft show and more! Visit the Discover Monticello, MN Community Calendar for dates, times and details.

The City of Monticello enjoys annual winter visits from more than 1,300 Trumpeter Swans. They arrive mid-November and stay through February or early March depending on the weather.
Read more about the swans >>
Monticello Swan Photos from Monticello Photo Contest

Monticello Dining Restaurants


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  Monticello Farmers Market MN  
Monticello MN
Farmers Market

Mid-May thru mid-Oct
Thurs. 3:30-7:00 pm
at Monticello Library
parking lot. READ MORE

Monticello Movie Theatre
For showtimes visit:

Monticello Movie Theatre has 15 screens including a Dolby Digital 3D auditorium as well as a Monster screen measuring 80 feet wide and 35 feet tall, it is the largest theatre screen in Minnesota.

MMonticello City Parks Pathways

16+ miles of paved pathways are located within Monticello City limits. Monticello is proud of its extensive parks and pathway system, which includes 29 city owned parks and winding trails.

3594 100th Street Northwest, South Haven, MN 55382

This large, outdoor flea market features 200-300 different dealers/vendors on an average day and hosts over 500 vendors on the Holiday weekends. Established in 1970, combination flea market, farmers market, art fair, antique mall, closeout store, pet store and garage sale.
(NOTE: The Monticello Osowski’s Flea Market is no longer in operation. It was demolished in April 2015.)

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